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Hello from Glynn's Demolition,

Does your city have the problem most cities have with abandoned buildings, private or city-owned properties that lower other property values and become the destination for urban exploring with the possibility of someone getting hurt and suing the city?

With the money the city spends on taxes and money spent on employees keeping them boarded up, Glynn's demolition could be your solution!

HOOPSTON ILL.DEMO3 servicesWe are a family-owned company based in north-central Illinois. Our company specializes in the demolition of abandon condemned buildings at NO COST TO THE CITY.  In some cases, we pay the city so much per ton provided there are enough salvageable metals. We recycle 90% of brick and wood from the job going green.

  • Abandoned industrial factories and warehouses are our specialty.
  • We also demo houses, smokestacks, water towers, and abandoned steel bridges.  We specialize in rails to trails projects complete when done. 
  • We are fully insured with a 2 million dollar policy and an additional million aggregate.
  • Our company has outstanding references, pictures, and some videos that can be sent upon request.

For example, we just finished a 2 to 4 story 17 building complex in Iowa with no cost to the city.

  • Other projects include a factory demolition for Marion Indiana
  • 4 story factory Haynes auto factory Kokomo Indiana,
  • 3 story convent for a church
  • Water tower
  • 6 houses in the past months

We are strictly a demolition company.  We are the best at what we do, and owners are always on sight working in case a problem may occur. (note if we demo houses for your city depending on the distance from our base we would line up 5 to 15 houses to do them in a one-time frame average cost of houses $5,000 to $9,000 depending on size and contents a package deal may be made on a large number of houses at one time.

With all this said our company also buys all of its needs from local vendors money spent in local communities vary on job size length of time average spending is around $15,000 to $50,000 which helps boost the local economy. Thank you for your time and we hope to establish a friendly working relationship with you!

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